One Week Cookery Courses 2020

One Week Cookery Course

Why not treat yourself to a deluxe culinary experience?

A week long cookery class immersing you in a wonderful world of tastes, techniques and cookery skills to leave you a confident cook.

Who is this for?

This course is ideal for the home cook who is looking to get more from their cookery and learn new tricks and techniques as well as discovering a wider range of cuisines and ingredients.

Or maybe you are thinking about a career in food and drink? This is the perfect taster as you begin your culinary journey.


Course Dates

Spring - Sunday May 3rd - Friday May 8th

Summer - Sunday August 2nd - Friday August 7th

Autumn - Sunday November 29th - Friday December 4th

What’s included on the course?

  • International dishes from India, Thailand, North Africa and the Middle East.

  • A range of pastries including Rough Puff, Shortcrust, Hot Water Crust and Choux

  • Filleting a Flat Fish and a Round Fish

  • Baking a different loaf of Bread every day. Farmhouse, Ciabatta, Soda Bread, Flat Breads and Sourdough are all covered.

  • Basic butchery. How to joint a chicken.

  • Dairy. How to make your own Butter, Yoghurt and Soft Cheese.

  • Cover Vegetarian and Vegan Cookery

  • How to use Herbs to best effect

  • The importance of Seasoning

  • A visit to a local Scottish Assured Venison Farm and Venison Cookery

  • And lots more…