Summer One Week Course

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Summer One Week Course


Sunday August 2nd - Friday August 7th

Why not treat yourself to a deluxe culinary experience?

A week long cookery class immersing you in a wonderful world of tastes, techniques and cookery skills to leave you a confident cook.

This course is ideal for the home cook who is looking to get more from their cookery and learn new tricks and techniques as well as discovering a wider range of cuisines and ingredients.

Or maybe you are thinking about a career in food and drink? This is the perfect taster as you begin your culinary journey.

What’s included on the course?

  • International dishes from India, Thailand, North Africa and the Middle East.

  • A range of pastries including Rough Puff, Shortcrust, Hot Water Crust and Choux

  • Filleting a Flat Fish and a Round Fish

  • Baking a different loaf of Bread every day. Farmhouse, Ciabatta, Soda Bread, Flat Breads and Sourdough are all covered.

  • Basic butchery. How to joint a chicken.

  • Dairy. How to make your own Butter, Yoghurt and Soft Cheese.

  • Cover Vegetarian and Vegan Cookery

  • How to use Herbs to best effect

  • The importance of Seasoning

  • A visit to a local Scottish Assured Venison Farm and Venison Cookery

  • And lots more…

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